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In Brisbane, my local drum shop was Access Drumming run by the beautiful being Duncan. I loved shopping my drum gear from there ‘cause you were always met with a big smile and a shout of your name “Jooooaaaachim!!” when you came in through the door. One day in 2010 when I went to his shop Duncan said I should check out these new cymbals he had in stock. I did and fell instantly in love. Bought a ride, crash and a pair of hi-hats (from the 2 different series; Dry Jazz and Smooth) from him. I already had a very nice set of Zildjian Dark K cymbals, but haven’t really used them since I bought my first set of Impression cymbals. Forward to 2018, I was wanting to get some bigger size hi-hat cymbals by Impression but couldn’t find any distributors in Australia (Duncan sadly had to shut shop a few years back) and so I contacted Impression through their website. Leon, the master cymbal-smith, responded and said they were actually looking for someone to distribute their cymbals in Australia and wondered if I would like to do so. I said that wasn’t my intention, but after a very quick think about it I said yes I would like to. Since I love these cymbals and believe they are great, musical instruments they should be shared with the Australian music community.

Impression cymbals are high quality cymbals made in the mecca of cymbal making; Istanbul, Turkey. They are artisan crafted hand hammered cymbals in the Turkish tradition of cymbal making. “They are made by a drummer, sold by a drummer for drummers!” The cymbals are all made to order so it might take a few weeks to get them to Australia if there’s something I haven’t got in store. In addition to that as a customer you have the option to order in your own custom cymbals to your own exact specifications! For more info on the cymbal making process please check out this link from the Impression website; https://www.impressioncymbals.com/academy/manufacturing-process/

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